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#01 – Identifying Components – Hardware Hacking Tutorial

This collection is to share details on just how to do equipment hacking as well as exactly how to do turn around design. The collection works both for professionals and also newbies.

This is the very first episode of the Equipment Hacking Tutorial collection.

Equipment Hacking will certainly be explained with useful hacking tasks on actual tools complying with a procedure based upon:

1. Details event of software and hardware

2. Developing an emulation atmosphere where to turn around as well as run fascinating binaries designer them, if required

3. Evaluating just how the tool functions

4. Hack the tool and also change its firmware

In this very first episode we will certainly discuss exactly how to determine the tool, the supplier and also the Original Design Manufacturer and also exactly how to determine the incorporated circuits inside the tool making use of some ideas to review component numbers when they appears unreadable.

Hyperlinks with extra Information:

Network’s Author:
Network’s Web Site:

Intro to turn around design, Mike Anderson, Embedded Linux Conference 2018, consists of just how to open up hard tools:
video clip:

System On a Chip Mediatek MT7621AT datasheet:

Chinese internet search engine:

The example router (Gemtek WVRTM-127ACN) on techinfodepot:

RAM 128Mb Winbond W971GG6SB datasheet:

The OpenWRT Project:

The example router (Gemtek WVRTM-127ACN) reverse crafted on GitHub:

74HC164 datasheet:

NAND Flash Memory F59L1G81LA datasheet: