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BOJACK 30 Values 600 pcs 1W Zener Diodes Assortment Kit

BOJACK 30 Values 600 computers 1W Zener Diodes Assortment package with various voltage.Zener Diodes: IN4727A(3V), IN4728A (3.3 V), IN4729A (3.6 V), IN4730A (3.9 V), IN4731A (4.3 V), IN4732A (4.7 V), IN4733A (5.1 V), IN4734A (5.6 V), IN4735A (6.2 V), IN4736A (6.8 V), IN4737A (7.5 V), IN4738A (8.2 V), IN4739A (9.1 V), IN4740A (10V), IN4741A (11V), IN4742A (12V), IN4743A (13V), IN4744A (15V), IN4745A (16V), IN4746A (18V), IN4747A (20V), IN4748A (22V), IN4749A (24V), IN4750A (27V), IN4751A (30V), IN4752A (33V), IN4753A (36V), IN4754A (39V), IN4755A (43V), IN4756A (47V).

The diode various item is simple to shop, Use an anti-static bag with a clear mark for product packaging, hard to damage.Lead-Free/ RoHS Compliant Electronics Component.This item is commonly made use of in item growth, pupil experiments, upkeep, manufacturing, and so on.

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