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Chip Shortage: Analog Devices AD8495A #ChipShortage @Adafruit

Gotten 6,000 in May 2021, currently pressed to November 2022.
Please deliver those 6000 items.

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Chip Scarcity is an attribute video clip by Adafruit’s Ladyada to highlight things that remain in brief supply or potentially “unobtainium” (without recognized return day to the marketplace).

Today it is the Analog Devices AD8495A

Digi-Key (90 week preparation!!!).

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Adafruit is functioning all the time to maintain items in supply as well as supply brand-new items throughout the chip lack. Browse through to see what brand-new products have actually been launched to discover upgraded items with chips that are offered.

Made use of in the Adafruit Analog Output K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier

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