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Dr. Lisa Su, Chair & CEO, AMD, 3/22/22

Dr. Lisa Su, Chair & Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Micro Instruments (AMD) attended to The Economic Club of Chicago on March 22, 2022. The discussion was regulated by Club Chair, Mary Dillon.

2:00 Lisa’s Background
4:12 What is the Role of the Microchip
6:09 Semiconductor vs. Microchip
6:53 What Makes AMD Great?
11:11 Acquisition of Xilinx
14:02 Quantum Computing
16:00 Acquisitions in the Industry?
18:00 The Impact of the War in Ukraine
20:50 The Role of U.S in Manufacturing Shortages
25:30 How Can Chicago Contribute?
27:30 Hybrid Work Environment
30:00 Talent Development
33:30 Advice for Women in the Industry
36:17 What are the Challenges for Semiconductors?
38:18 How are Chips Created?
40:12 Protecting Intellectual Property
41:50 How Many Chips exist?
42:48 Lessons Learned
45:30 New Technology in the Hybrid World
47:20 Apple Entering the Industry
49:30 Marketing Strategy