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EEPROM Component Replacement Tutorial – How to solder and 8 pin eeprom component

In this video clip we will certainly demonstrate how to change a 8 pin eeprom chip. This eeprom is made use of in several part fixing packages to deal with several signs and symptoms.
Your board might look various than ours as well as your eeprom might remain in a various area than what we are revealing on this board. Once more, this is a basic video clip revealing the soldering procedure of just how to change this eeprom.
I will certainly begin by using some solder to the one side of the chip. This will certainly assist to loosen up the existing solder holding the chip to the board.
I am sort of battling to loosen this side, so I will certainly include some solder to the opposite side too as well as begin loosening it.
I will certainly run the iron backward and forward over the legs to warm up the solder and also loosen up the chip from the board. This side has actually currently come loose, as well as I will certainly begin loosening up the opposite side once more.
I will certainly utilize my desolder weapon to get rid of most of the solder that is left on the pads. After I have actually gotten rid of the chip, I will certainly utilize the solder wick and also my iron to tidy up the pads on the board.
Next off, I will certainly utilize my brush and also isopropyl alcohol to cleanse up the pads.
After I tidy up the pads I can obtain my chip placed. Make sure to match the circle on the chip, with the circle on the board. I will certainly utilize my tweezers to hold the chip to the board and after that I will use some change to the legs of the chip, and afterwards include some solder to my iron, as well as run my iron over the legs of the chip, to protect it to the board.
I can turn the boards as well as do the exact same procedure for protecting this side of the chip to the board.
Throughout the soldering procedure, you might obtain a solder bridge, signing up with 2 of the legs on the element. This is bad, and also must be repaired.
I have a solder bridge right here, and also will certainly utilize my solder wick to eliminate the excess solder and afterwards resolder the legs once more.
I can tidy up the substitute element with my brush and also isopropyl alcohol.
There you have it, we have actually changed this eeprom chip.

Just how to solder as well as 8 pin eeprom element