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Make Your Own Microchips!

Schematic as well as Software:

Tools and also components:
Electronic camera:

Have you ever before been missing out on a seriously required reasoning chip? In this video clip I reveal a manner in which can aid you out.

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00:00 – Start.
00:56 – Programmable Logic Devices (PLD).
01:36 – Generic Array Logic (GAL).
02:40 – GAL16V8 as well as Atmel ATF16V8.
03:02 – Principle of the GAL: Fuse Map.
04:38 – Output Logic.
05:34 – The JDEC File Format.
05:58 – WinCUPL.
07:01 – Burning the GAL with Afterburner.
07:23 – The Circuit.
08:43 – Programming the 16V8.
09:51 – Making a 7-Segment counter.