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Molence 960PCS 0603 0805 1206 SMD Capacitor Kit, 16 Value 10pF-22uF Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors Assortment Set

Nominal Capacitance: 10pF ~ 22uF, SMD Capacitor.0603 0805 1206 SMD Capacitor, 20 computers each of the adhering to criterion worths: 10P, 22P, 33P, 47P, 220P, 470P, 102M(1nF), 222M(22nF), 103M(10nF), 104M(100nF), 474M(470nF), 105M(1uF), 225M(2.2 uF), 475M(4.7 uF), 106M(10uF), 226M(22uF).

Every one of 960 items of Capacitors in 16 worths are various and also well jam-packed in a re-use storage space situation, Enough amount for your DIY job and also experiments.Low sound, high accuracy, heat stability.Lead totally free and also RoHS Compliant.

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