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Sony SECRETLY changed the PS5 chip!

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It’s been a month long trip to recognize the PS5 1200.
The initial PS5 1200 video clip:
Thanks to Creative Electron for the large aid with X-ray!

Closer check out the PS5 X-ray photos:
@Digital Foundry’s Direct Weekly:
Angstronomics PS5 1200 Oberon Plus 6nm Breakdown:

Phase Titles:.
0:00 This was a blunder.
0:46 Creative Electron.
3:22 This PS5 is not the exact same.
4:14 Power Testing (once again).
6:14 Gaming Power Draw.
7:24 Another PS5 gets in the conversation.
8:59 The solution the whole time.
10:50 Inside the PS5 1200.