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The EXTREME physics of making modern microchips

Pay attention to an interesting podcast concerning the future of chip manufacture at

Many thanks to Merck for funding this video clip as component of their #alwayscurious campaign!

* Chapters *.

00:00 Introduction.
01:20 How integrated circuits are made.
04:13 Moore’s regulation.
06:51 We gon na require a smaller sized light!
08:26 How to make severe ultraviolet.
11:07 What can we do currently?!
14:34 Chips that develop themselves.

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* And ultimately … *.

* Credits *.

Current short article from _ The Register _ regarding the past as well as future of Moore’s legislation
Laser World item concerning the infrared lasers that begin EUV manufacturing in these devices
High-speed video camera images of tin beads in an EUV equipment
Remarkable write-up entering into a little bit extra information on why chip rate isn’t boosting, and also the failing of ‘Dennard scaling’ which was simply a little bit excessive information to consist of in the video clip!
As well as an also nerdier retrospective on Dennard scaling
While making this video clip I obtained a little bit consumed with ‘pass away shots’ of CPUs. These by Fritzchens Fritz on Flickr are gorgeous (and also I utilized his photo of the AMD Epyc Rome in the video clip! Many thanks for making them public domain name:-RRB-)
I additionally actually appreciated this, from the various other end of the CPU timeline, analyzing Intel’s 8008 cpu from 1971, where a rather basic microscopic lense suffices to see all the parts!

* Sources and also additional analysis *.

EUV lithography device computer animations copyright ASML.
Chip manufacture pictures copyright Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
EXTREME!!! ultraviolet hefty steel by Muzaproduction
Many Thanks to Tran Nguyen for her assist with this video clip.